Infrequently Asked Questions

Learn a little more about this Peter guy!

Q: Whose website is this?
A: This is Peter Cassetta’s website.

Q: Why am I reading this anyway?
A: I don’t know — go ask your dad.

Q: What’s with the corny jokes?
A: Well, you see, when I was just a wee little child, I ate a lot of cornmeal. The corniness has stayed with me to this very day.

Q: Can we move on to the interesting questions now?
A: Yes, I certainly have the ability to move on to more interesting questions.

Q: What does this “Peter” kid enjoy?
A: Whoa whoa whoa! I’ll have you know that I’m 28 years old — definitely far too old to be considered a kid anymore. It’s this Peter guy to you!

Q: Okay, what does this “Peter” guy enjoy?
A: Reading, writing stories, building with LEGO® bricks, programming, and playing computer games.

Q: Is Peter’s hair black naturally, or does he dye it that color?
A: Funny you should ask that - my hair is not black, nor has it ever been so at any time. My hair is dark brown.

Q: Wait a second ... slow down ... where does he get his hair dye?
A: My hair ain’t dyed, so the answer’s nowhere.

Q: How long has been around?
A: Since you were knee-high to a grasshopper, but I started editing it on October 29th, 2005.

Q: Where can I find stuff that Peter has made?
A: Other than stuff you can find on my website, you could check out my YouTube, or my GitHub. (I’d link you to my BlendSwap, but they’ve link-rotted the user’s blends page so many times now that I’ve just decided to give up on that.)

Q: What? The questions are done?
A: Yes. The questions are done. Fret not, however, I’m sure you can find something interesting on my blog.