Dr. Garlic’s “Fan Club”


Nope, this post is not about a totally awesome Dr. Garlic fan club you can join. In fact, this post is about Typhon’s followers–or should I say stalkers?

Apparently our favorite (or my favorite–perhaps you like Dr. Gene or Nob better) adventurer has been under surveillance for the majority of his adventuring career!

Here is what Dr. Garlic had to say concerning this matter:


This is unbelievable. Inconceivable. Unimaginable, even!

Apparently I have been trailed by at least one agent of stealth ever since I first started adventuring! This is outrageous!

As Sven, Corin, and I were traveling two weeks ago, we stopped to snap a photo of ourselves. It turned out poorly (it was sort of fuzzy, and Corin wasn’t even looking), but as I was about to delete it, I noticed that the face recognition software was asking me to tag an area above Corin’s helmet.

Now, it had often asked me to tag the crazy dragon face on Sven’s shield, so I just figured it was just confused again, and maybe thinking some leaves behind us were a face. Then I took a closer look, and realized the face recognition was anything but confused. There was a dark figure standing behind Sven.

Super scary background!
Super scary background!

I looked up immediately, but saw no sign of the dark one.

I walked over to Corin, and casually asked him to begin loudly singing a Dwarven folk song. I gave him a look hopefully communicating that it was important, to which he responded with a rather lively song about the plentiful merits of mine shafts.

As he belted out verse after verse of how fantastic pitch-black mine shafts were, I quietly related my discovery to him. He choked for a second when I mentioned that we were being followed, but his singing quickly resumed.

I managed to similarly inform Sven.

We have been traveling in circles since then to try losing the fellow trailing us, but every time we think he’s gone, I’ve suddenly noticed a shadow in the corner of my vision. The same shadow I’ve seen throughout nearly all my adventures. Except this time I know it’s not just my imagination.

While writing this I tried to make sure it would be impossible for the spy to see my space-time communicator’s screen. Who knows what might happen should he realize he’s been discovered?

The Ironthread brothers and I are working on a plan, but I’d better not say anything more. After all, the ruffian could be right outside my tent this very moment.

My, oh my!

Who could have sent these evil masked ones to spy on Typhon? Is Dr. Garlic the only adventurer to have been subjected to this treatment, or have Dr. Gene and Nob been tracked too? What kind of person would send spies to track Dr. Garlic? And why are there so many questions without answers?!

Anyway… while I try to figure all that out, maybe you could lend a hand and look for any other stealthy ones who may have made an appearance in Dr. Garlic’s previous adventures. I’d be much obliged!

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  1. It seems that you are having fun. Sorry to post an unrelated request on your blog: Would you please pass my email on to your dad? I would love to send him a note. Thanks!

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