Dr. Garlic’s Archery Practice


Hey readers!

Just a short little post here, but Dr. Garlic’s been practicing with his bow. When the group came to a river for some fishing, Corin was surprised to discover that Typhon did not know how to use his bow. Bow-fishing being one of his favorite ways to fish, Corin made up his mind to learn Typhon how to fish (or shoot, as the case happened to be), and began tutoring him each evening after supper.

Dr. Typhon Garlic practicing with his bow.

Something strange, though. Typhon said he’s improved greatly during the past two weeks. However, he only met the Ironthread brothers 7 days ago! What could be going on? Maybe it was just a typo on Typhon’s part… or maybe Multera has something very strange going on with its space-time continuum.

What are your thoughts?

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