Dr. Garlic Rescued from the Aether-Net


That’s right, everyone, the fabulous Dr. Typhon Garlic has been rescued from the clutches of the overlordly Master Control Program of the Aether-Net! Actually, he was rescued over a month ago…

I haven’t posted this until now because I was busy trying to retrieve video from some completely melted security tapes. The computer programmer helped me out with that, but his speciality is hard drives. Anyhoo, I just finished making the video today. Do you know what that means? That means that now you have to watch the complete and total rescueness as shown in the following video!


I think our plan worked out pretty well, but the Computer Programmer and I had quite a few plans which were consigned to the waste basket. Here is what was probably our worst one:

Whoo hoo! Time to save Dr. Garlic in a non-working replica sandspeeder! Oh, wait…

Terrible idea, right? Sending the only person who had any chance of stopping the MCP over to the Aether-Net so he could get blown to smithereens. Of course, that wasn’t our intention, but fortunately for the Computer Programmer, we quickly realized that’s what would have happened and formulated a different (and less risky) plan.

The fifteenth map piece from Dr. Garlic.

That new plan wasn’t perfect, but we revised it enough to make it workable. We sold the soap we received to rent a rocket helicopter and buy some explosives! Then we put it into action — as you hopefully saw in the video — and rescued Dr. Garlic!

Here’s a journal entry and map from Dr. Garlic:


The Computer Programmer, Peter, and my brave carrier birdy have saved me from the terrible clutches of the Aether-Net’s Master Control Program.

As you may have seen in Peter’s video, I was getting rather worn down from getting attacked by those nasty buggy processes. Half my program-face was scraped away! I’m so glad I was rescued and very happy that pesky defibrolator is destroyed. The Aether-Net is (or was — Peter dropped a giant crate of nitroglycerine on the place) a rather scary place…

I’ve spent the past month recovering in a hospital under the care of some very capable medical doctors. I’m pretty much back to normal now, and I can’t wait to have more adventures. That’s all for now. I’m off to Hong Kong!

Many thanks to those who helped get the soap. I guess it must have seemed pretty crazy at the time. 🙂 Thanks for reading; come back next time to see Dr. Garlic go to Hong Kong, I suppose. Later!

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  1. Congratulations on the successful rescue! Glad to hear that only highly capable doctors had the care of Dr. Garlic. (Unlike Doctor Sprinkle… the word I’m thinking of for him is “culpable”.)

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