Dr. Garlic Journeys to the Sagely Spaceman


What an amazing turn of events! Yesterday Typhon discovered, of all things, an intersection with Pluto on the bottom of his small asteroid, and he was able to escape to our universe through it. Even better, he’s made it to the safety of Crazy Great Uncle Mi– I mean… the Sagely Spaceman’s galactic abode!

Since you might be wondering what an “intersection” is when used in this context, please allow me to explain the conclusion that Dr. Garlic and I have come to. As I mentioned back in The Origins of Convergence Point, there are clearly places which exist both in our universe and in the Aether. Through these places (intersections) it is possible to travel from one universe to another. That’s what Typhon just did.

Typhon walking in a lucky direction.
Typhon walking in a lucky direction.

Something strange though, is that he mentioned traveling to our universe was much different than before. The transition was less fluid, almost unpredictable.

Instead of thinking of our universe and just crossing over to it from the Aether like before, he just suddenly found himself looking at the landscape of Pluto! He guesses The Rift may have something to do with this unusual passage, but cannot tell for sure.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I suppose you’d like to hear the part where Dr. Garlic Journeys to the Sagely Spaceman! I guess you’ll just have to read Typhon’s journal entry:


Incredibly, I have found a way off the floating chunk of earth (or Aether as it were), and arrived on Pluto! Such a stroke of good luck deserved a giant ham sandwich, or another good stroke, so that’s just what I got! A second stroke, that is. Not a giant ham sandwich. (Probably would have been poisoned anyway.)

I decided to walk in what I felt was a fairly lucky direction. Just before my last few minutes worth of oxygen were depleted, I happened upon a local’s home. I ran up to the protective energy field and rang the doorbell. A little dude with a space helmet walked out, looked me over, and motioned for me to enter.

Entering the oxygen-filled space station.
Entering the oxygen-filled abode.

I squeezed through the puny energy door (which seemed to keep the place air-tight), and the little guy guided me to the foyer. “Now just make yourself at home, and the Sagely Spaceman will be along in a bit to help you make arrangements for the next few days,” he squeaked.

I’d been waiting a couple minutes when suddenly appeared a wild-looking old guy. He had unkempt silver hair, chapped lips, and a crazy, flowing beard. “Welcome to the abode of Crazy Great Uncle Mickey! What is it you want?”

Instantly I thought, “Wow! This odd fellow must be related to Crazy Uncle Henry.” but I didn’t say as much to him. Instead I responded, “I guess I’m here to see the Sagely Spaceman.”

“You are? Oops!” Then he ran away and reappeared in a few minutes wearing some very different clothes. He’d trimmed and combed his hair, put some lip moisturizer on, and even shaved his beard down to a crazy mustache. “Ah… welcome,” he said grandly, “I am the Sagely Spaceman!”

“Nonsense! I am the Sagely Spaceman.”

“Wait, I thought you said you were Crazy Great Uncle Mickey,” I said in disbelief.

“Nonsense!” he replied in a tone of voice that told me he’d never even considered the notion. “I am the Sagely Spaceman. Sit down a spell and have some tea.”

Realizing I had no choice, I complied. The Sagely Spaceman has actually turned out to be a pretty nice guy. He told me the story of how he and his butler (the little dude with a space helmet) first came here in a shoebox back in 1957, and when he’d finished, he said that he’d let me stay with him until he figured out where to send me. Pretty nice of him, huh?

Well, it looks like the adventures of Dr. Typhon Garlic will continue on after all. (I’m so happy!!!) Just as soon as the Sagely Spaceman figures out where to send him, that is. So, today’s question: What kind of vehicle would you take to get to Pluto? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see ya next post!

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  1. What? Do you mean to say that Dr. Garlic hasn’t built up a complete and total immunity to all poisons that can be applied to giant ham sandwiches?

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