Dr. Garlic at the ARC Base


Hey folks! Just got some more news from Dr. Garlic.

He has just been captured and is now imprisoned in an ARC dungeon. In other words, everything is going according to plan! Here’s Typhon’s journal entry for today:


At this moment I’m sitting in a cell within the dungeon of the ARC base. This morning Sven, Corin, and I reached the vicinity of the ARC base, and I hastily formulated a plan to get myself captured without getting myself killed.

“I wish to discuss your surrender!” I shouted, sauntering up to the great stone walls. The soldiers standing guard on the wall murmured among each other, and I heard one say worriedly: “He is Gwinaarr!”

"Gwinaarr" offering mercy
“Gwinaarr” offering mercy…

“I see some among you recognize me… Yes, it is I, the great Gwinaarr! No mortal weapon can strike me down. Surrender your fortress at once and I shall be merciful.”

At this moment a menacing creature leapt over the wall, landing with a heavy thud beside me.

It was a Cyclops, and no ordinary one at that. It almost seemed the creature, as if by some magic, was formed of magma.

I also noted that he had a particularly angry look on his face.

Before I could react, the Cyclops promptly lifted me over his head and threw me on the ground. With fire in his eye, he grabbed me by my armor and tossed me into the air like I was a sack of potatoes.

Mistakes were made!
Mistakes were made!

When I landed, it felt like I had broken a few ribs every bone in my body. (I later learned that this was not the case; yay for quality dwarven armor.)

The Cyclops walked over to me and gave me a sharp kick to my side. I’d had enough by this point, so I shouted: “Uncle!”

YOUR UNCLE CANNOT SAVE YOU!!!” growled the one-eyed beast.

“Wait, what? Uncle means I give up; you bested me.”

I was beginning to worry that he would just keep beating on me, but instead he turned to those on the wall and grunted, “What are you waiting for? Shackle the prisoner!” They did so, and brought me to a dark cell.

Now all I have to do is sit here and wait for Sven and Corin to bust me out of here. Though I must admit, a time-frame would have been nice…

Well, it looks like Dr. Garlic should be getting back from Multera soon, provided Sven and Corin can break him out of the dungeon! I do hope Dr. Garlic didn’t sustain any internal injuries from the beating the Cyclops gave him.

Thanks for reading; catch ya’ll next post!

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