Dr. Garlic and Dan Dirtie Save Dr. Gene!


Hey there, folks!

This post, as hoped, comes with an improvement the Dr. Gene situation. Typhon and Dan hunted relentlessly for any trace of Al, but until yesterday, they could find nothing. They had a (literal) breakthrough, though, and found a microfigure-sized passageway behind a cunningly concealed revolving door! (Dan broke it down with his encasted arm, in case you’re wondering.)

Keeping close to the cave wall.

The two had to walk sideways down the the cramped passageway. It had many spots where they could just barely squeeze past. Neither of them could lift their arms at some parts.

By the time they reached a more open space, they had been plodding along for a whole thirty minutes. Towards the end, they were both sweaty, stiff, and just generally uncomfortable. It was, to say the least, entirely claustrophobic.

Also, the “open space” was more like a continuation of the tunnel, but without a wall. Did I mention the wall was just sort of replaced with deadly boiling lava?

Deadly boiling lava!

After taking a short break, they noticed some large golden gates off in the distance. That seemed pretty suspicious to them, so they decided they’d check it out. Unfortunately, they were separated from it by a pond of lava! 😯

Those two are either highly resourceful, or extremely persistent (probably both), because they got across! They took a ride on some type of hovercraft and somehow managed to stay far enough above the magma and far enough below the falling stalactites to avoid both getting burnt and getting impaled.

Well, all ponds of lava must eventually come to an end, and this one was no exception. Dr. Garlic and Dan Dirtie reached the opposite side (without incurring injuries, fortunately) of the dangerous substance and sneakily marched up to the ominous golden gates.

What a kick! That guy’s tough!

They listened outside and soon heard, to their great delight, the irritated voice of Al Gene! They heard some evil cackles and an extremely annoying and high-pitched little voice repeating, “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down thine golden hair! Ha ha ha!”

I’ll let Dr. Garlic finish the story:


We did it! Dan and I have saved Dr. Gene! We defeated Gooba the Goblin King … er … Goblin Governor. (Gooba kept calling himself the king, and then saying, “er … Governor.”)

We had to crawl through this cramped tunnel, then we crossed over a pool of lava and listened outside the entrance to Gooba’s throne room. We heard Al in there, so we began to plan how to get him out. While we were planning, they threw a large piece of furniture outside and almost crushed me underneath it!

Battling the goblins!

We executed our plan pretty much perfectly. Dan kicked the gate down with his cast leg, we rushed in and defeated most of Gooba’s troops within a few seconds. (Some didn’t even fight and just kinda left … guess they didn’t care to defend their tyrannical leader.)

Anyway, when all his troops were defeated and we had a sword at his throat, Gooba shouted, “Stop! Don’t make me whistle!” We questioned him as to what exactly he was talking about, and he answered: “My trained monkey will rip your friend’s face off when I whistle!” I snorted at the notion, but I guess he thought my snort was some type of sonic attack, because he whistled!

“No! Attack — ouch! — the intruders!”

Well, that monkey wasn’t trained very well. He leaped upon Gooba and started ripping his face off. Turns out Gooba had trained it on his goblin troops, so it thought it was supposed to only attack goblins. Whoops.

Anyway, all the other goblins just scattered after that. We split the gold between us (did I mention Gooba loved gold?) and we’ll be going to town to get a few things later on.

That’s all for today; thanks for reading!

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